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Top 11 Best Chrome Extensions for Web Developers in 2023 (Complete Guide)

Web development is an intricate dance of coding, designing, and troubleshooting. In this fast-paced digital age, having the right tools at your fingertips can make all the difference. Luckily, the Google Chrome browser offers valuable extensions that can improve your productivity in the development process. Whether you are a professional developer or just starting, the best Chrome web extensions for web developers are here to enhance your web development journey.

Best Chrome Extensions for Web Developers in 2023

The Chrome extensions can grom your browsing experience for your web development work, and you can check the webpage overview quickly, such as the CSS viewer extension used for checking the CSS properties.


Best Chrome Extensions for Web Developers in 2023

Here are the best Chrome web extensions for web developers:

1. Web Developer

To kick off our list, let’s start with the most commonly used Web Developer extension. This skillful tool provides features from inspecting elements to testing responsive designs and seamlessly toggling between different screen sizes. Why not check for yourself?

The Web Developer extension is a Swiss Army knife for web developers. Its array of tools covers everything from adjusting the viewport to testing various screen sizes and inspecting and editing HTML and CSS on the fly. This extension well organized the debugging process, making it a breeze to identify and fix layout issues, saving you precious time.

2. Lighthouse

Lighthouse isn’t just another performance tool; it’s your performance expert. This extension precisely assesses your website’s accessibility, SEO, and more. The detailed reports offer actionable insights, helping you pinpoint bottlenecks and areas for improvement.

Going beyond simple suggestions,

Lighthouse empowers you to elevate your website’s user experience to new heights. Performance optimization is essential in today’s web landscape. Enter Lighthouse, a developer’s beacon for analyzing webpage speed, accessibility, SEO, and more.

With its detailed reports, you’ll have a clear roadmap for boosting your site’s performance.

3. ColorZilla

Crafting the perfect color palette can be an art form, but ColorZilla makes it a breeze. Whether you need to identify a color from a webpage or generate a gradient on the fly, this extension has your back. Are you transitioning from bland to vibrant visuals? It has got you covered.

Its color picker tool lets you grab colors from any webpage, ensuring your designs are harmonious and aligned with your vision. Additionally, the gradient generator empowers you to craft eye-catching gradients effortlessly, infusing your projects with a touch of artistic finesse. It is one of the best web developer tools, Chrome extension.

4. October

If GitHub is your playground, Octotree is your ultimate playmate. This extension makes traversing repositories a delight with its sidebar navigation. Going from endless scrolling to a well-organized file Structure, Octotree ensures that collaborating on projects and finding the code is a seamless experience.

Navigating through repositories becomes a joy with its tree-view sidebar. Is it going from searching for hours to effortlessly locating files? October is one of the best google chrome extensions for web developers.

5. JSON Formatter

Wrangling JSON data does have to be a headache. With JSON Formatter, you can transform complex data structures into well-formatted, easy-to-read code. Are you transitioning from confusion to clarity? JSON Formatters, your friend.

It can be challenging to have JSON data that often requires decoding hieroglyphics. JSON Formatter simplifies this process, making even complex data structures legible and easily comprehended. Say goodbye to confusing JSON blobs, and grab the clarity that JSON Formatter brings to your data handling tasks.

6. WhatFont

Typography matters and WhatFont helps you dissect web typography like a pro. This extension reveals the fonts used on any webpage, allowing you to draw inspiration or match existing styles. Are you going from font guessing to font knowing?

WhatFont delivers. Identifying fonts and understanding their characteristics is now a straightforward task. It helps ensure your designs align perfectly with your typographical choices. Why not use these Chrome extensions web developer tools and make your tasks easy?

7. CSSViewer

Pixel-perfect designs demand precise measurements. CSSViewer simplifies the process by displaying all relevant CSS properties for any element on a page and transitioning from trial-and-error to precision CSSViewer steps. From colors and dimensions to margins and padding, this extension lets you transition from approximation to accuracy in your design process.

8. Wappalyzer

Curiosity about the technologies powering a website? Wappalyzer provides insights into the stack, frameworks, and libraries employed. Are you going from speculation to informed discovery? Wappalyzer is your guide. The extension seamlessly integrates with your browser, displaying a simple and intuitive pop-up whenever you visit a website. This pop-up showcases the various technologies employed by the site.

9. OneTab

Multiple tabs causing clutter and slowdown? OneTab is the ultimate tab manager, transforming your chaos into a neat list of links and transitioning from tab overload to organized efficiency. OneTab is the remedy. You can organize your saved tabs into groups, helping you categorize and manage your browsing sessions more effectively.

OneTab offers options to share your tab lists with others, making it an excellent tool for collaboration or sharing research. You can also export your tab lists as a web page or a text file for future reference.

10. Validity

If you are looking for useful Chrome extensions for web development, look no further. Spotting HTML and CSS, validation errors are crucial for a seamless browsing experience. Validity extension highlights potential issues, ensuring your code meets the highest standards and transitioning from bugs to perfection.

Validity lends a helping hand. With its user-friendly interface and integration, Validity suits seasoned developers and those new to web development. It encourages best practices and code quality improvement.

11. Momentum

The Momentum Chrome extension is a popular and versatile tool designed to enhance your browsing experience by turning your new tab page into a dynamic and visually appealing dashboard. With its stunning background images, inspirational quotes, and an array of productivity features, Momentum aims to help users stay focused, motivated, and organized as they navigate the digital landscape.

The extension provides a clean and minimalist to-do list that appears prominently on the new tab page. This allows users to write down the various tasks, set deadlines, and mark them as complete as they progress through their day.

Final Thoughts

The world of web development is exciting, but it can also be challenging. These 11 best Chrome web extensions for developers can significantly ease the challenges, enhance your productivity, and help you create better web experiences.

From debugging and design to performance optimization and collaboration, these tools cover a wide range of tasks. They are indispensable companions for every web developer. So, go ahead and empower your browser with these extensions, and watch your development workflow reach new heights.


Can we use the Chrome extensions on the other browser?

The Chrome extensions are designed for the Chrome browser and are easy to use on rather than the other browser. Moreover, other browsers are also having their extensions or add-ons.

Do Chrome extensions need to be updated?

No, the Chrome browser automatically updates them; yes, we need to update the Chrome browser.

What language is used for the development of the Chrome extension?

HTML, CSS, and Javascript