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How 8 Things Will Change The Way You Approach Dubai Web Design

Your website design is more important for the conversions than what you think. You can always implement all of the world’s best conversion boosting tactics but if it ends up looking like crap, this will never do you much good. Today, learn how 8 things will change the way you approach Dubai web design.

Visual Hierarchy

Some parts of your site are more important than the rest so you would surely want those to receive more attention than those parts that are less important. Visual hierarchy is considered as among the most integral principles behind a good Dubai web design. It is the order in which human eyes can perceive what they see.

Hick’s Law

Hick’s Law states that with each additional choice, this can increase the time needed for making a decision. If a user has more options when using your site, it will become harder to use. To offer a more enjoyable experience, the choices must be eliminated. To have a good website design, the process of getting rid the distracting options must be continuous during the whole process.

Divine Proportions

Everything in your website must be properly proportioned so that it will be aesthetically pleasing. Your layout and your content area should all be in proper dimensions to get the best results.

Fitt’s Law

This law stipulates that when the object is bigger and closer to you, the easier it will be for you to use it. However, this does not necessarily mean that bigger will always be better. A button which can take up half the size of the screen is definitely not a great idea. The size of the button needs to be proportional to the expected frequency of use.

Gestalt Design Laws

Gestalt psychology is the theory of the brain and mind. The principle states that the human eye can see objects in entirety prior to perceiving the individual parts. The main takeaway here is that a person sees the whole prior to seeing the parts. People will always see your whole site first prior to distinguishing the header, footer, menu and others. The different laws include the law of proximity, law of similarity, law of closure, law of symmetry, law of common fate, and law of continuity.

Rule of Thirds

It is a great idea that you make use of images for your design. Visual can communicate your ideas faster compared to any text. Best images are the ones that follow the rules of thirds. The image must be imagined as divided to nine equal parts by two horizontal and two vertical lines that are equally spaced and that essential compositional elements must be placed along those lines or their intersections. The use of big and beautiful images can contribute to the design as it is following the rule that can make them even more interesting, resulting to a more appealing website.

Occam’s Razor

It is the principle that states that the simplest solutions are usually the best. In Dubai web design, it is not only about the looks but more importantly, how it works. Although simple and minimal design might not automatically mean that the design is effective or will work, still, simple is better than the opposite so strive to simplify.

Clean Design and White Space

White space or negative is the part of the page that is left empty. This is the space between margins, graphics, space between the columns, gutters, space between lines or visuals. This must never be seen as just as blank space as this is a crucial design element that allows the objects in it to really exist. Sufficient white space can make the site look clean.

Even though a clean design is important to communicate a clear message, this does not translate to less content. A clean design should mean a design which makes the best use of the space that it is in. For a clean design, you should know how you can communicate clearly by wisely using the white space.

The next time you approach Dubai web design, take note of these things and you will surely look at it in a different way.