IT Outsourcing Statistics To Watch Out For 2024

In the world of tech, businesses are always looking for smart ways to compete and grow. One big strategy is IT outsourcing, where companies hire outside experts to help them with computer stuff. As we enter 2024, it’s important for businesses to know what’s happening with IT outsourcing. So, this blog will talk about some important facts and trends that will help top IT companies in Dubai make good choices.

Global IT Outsourcing Market Size

The market for IT outsourcing is getting bigger and bigger. People think it will reach a massive $481.37 billion by 2024. This shows that more and more businesses are choosing to get help from outside experts. It’s like hiring someone to do a job because they’re really good at it. Cloud services are like the superheroes of the computer world. Moreover, they are really good at helping businesses with their computer stuff. Also, the cool thing about the cloud is that it can stretch and shrink to fit what a business needs, and it doesn’t cost too much. In 2024, more than 70% of computer IT resourcing statistics will use the cloud. This means the cloud is super popular.

Cloud Services are Super Popular:

Many businesses are moving their computer stuff to the cloud. This is like having your files and programs stored on the internet instead of a physical computer. In 2024, more than 70% of IT outsourcing will involve the cloud. However, this is because it’s flexible, can grow easily, and is often cheaper. Businesses like the cloud because it makes working together easy and lets them change things fast. So, it’s like the cloud is taking over and making things better and faster for everyone.

Robots and Smart Computers are Doing More Work:

People are using smart computers and robots to do more work. About 40% of IT outsourcing contracts in 2024 will involve these smart technologies. They’re good at doing repetitive tasks, so people can focus on more interesting and important things. Also, think of it this way: smart robots and computers are becoming big helpers in the tech world. 

Moreover, in 2024, around 40% of computer jobs will use these clever technologies. It’s a cool change! These smart machines are great at doing the same tasks again and again, so people can do more interesting things. Also, it’s like having trustworthy helpers that don’t get tired. This switch to using smart tech is making things work better and more creative.

Keeping Things Safe is a Big Deal:

With so much computer stuff being done by outside experts, companies worry about keeping things safe. Nearly 60% of businesses will make sure their outsourcing contracts have rules about keeping everything secure. Also, this is because they want to make sure their important information doesn’t get into the wrong hands. Think about having a secret box where you keep important stuff safe. In addition, that’s a bit like how companies feel about their information. Security concerns are like worries about keeping this important info safe from bad things. In 2024, about 60% of businesses will be super careful about security when they get help with computer things.

Vendor Diversification:

Instead of relying on just one outsourcing friend, many companies are choosing to work with a few. This is a smart move to make sure they get the best help. Around 45% of businesses will have more than one outsourcing partner in 2024. It’s like having different experts for different jobs. However, think of vendor diversification like having more than one friend to help you out with computer stuff. It means businesses are choosing not to depend on just one helper but having a few. Moreover, in 2024, about 45% of businesses will have more than one friend to assist them. It’s a smart move because if one friend is busy, another can step in.

Finding the Right People is Tricky:

It’s not easy to find people with the right skills for computer jobs. About 30% of outsourcing contracts in 2024 will look for people with very specific skills. Also, this means companies are looking for experts who know a lot about new and special things in the tech world. Imagine trying to put together the perfect team for a game – that’s a bit like talent acquisition for businesses. But in the tech world, it can be hard to find people with just the right skills. In 2024, about 30% of businesses will be looking for people with really special skills.


Some companies are choosing to get help from people who are closer to them. Around 35% of businesses will pick outsourcing partners who are nearby, like in the same country or nearby countries. This helps with communication and makes things easier. Also, think of onshore and nearshore outsourcing like ordering pizza. Moreover, onshore is when you get the pizza from a place really close to your house, like in the same town. Nearshore is like getting it from a place not too far away, maybe in a neighboring town.

Sustainable Practices:

More businesses care about doing things in a good way. About 25% of outsourcing contracts will include rules about being good to people and the environment. Also, this is about being responsible and making sure everyone is treated well. It’s like choosing products that are good for our planet. Moreover, sustainable outsourcing is all about making sure the work is done in a way that’s friendly to nature and treats everyone well.


In 2024, IT outsourcing is a big deal for businesses. It’s growing, and more companies are using the cloud and smart technologies. Also, keeping things safe is important, and finding the right people for the job can be tricky. So, choosing more than one outsourcing friend, getting help closer to home, and doing things in a good way are all part of the game. Lastly, by knowing these trends, top it companies in Dubai can make smart choices and use IT outsourcing to help them succeed.