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Mistakes Logo Designer Should Avoid [3 Killing Ways 2023]

Logo designing has never been easy. It represents an entire business. Therefore, logo designers need to be very careful about every bit of detail.

However, there are many mistakes a logo designer Dubai makes that not only spoil the entire logo but also his efforts that simply go down the drain.

Why mistakes logo designer should avoid them? As you know we can’t bear any little mistake in designing, cause it directly affects our brand identity.

So, always try to make your company or business logo from a professional designer or agency like Redspider having a passionate team.

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Common Mistakes In Logo Design That Everyone Do

  • Unnecessary Complication
  • Lack of Process & Planning
  • The Coloring Clash
  • Complicating Designs
  • Generic Typefaces
  • Adding Special Images
  • Using Wrong Software or Application
  • Typography Issues

Mistakes Logo Designers Should Avoid, But How?

Even professional logo designers make a few mistakes during creating any logo design project for themselves or their clients. Did you curious to know what are these mistakes? Let’s take a look at them;

Mistakes Logo Designer Should Avoid

Colors Play A Crucial Role

Often designers don’t realize that colors play a crucial role in any logo. They underestimate the importance of colors in a logo whereas they have a very powerful effect.

They play with your feelings, your emotions, and your mood. The right choice of colors will make the logo from good to incredibly amazing.

The colors a designer chooses should target the demography and also go with the business. Take everything into account from age, gender, traditions, and cultures of the audience being targeted.

Keep It Simple

Most professionals you’ll come across will tell you to always keep it simple. Never go overboard with creativity and innovation. There is always a limit to these things and you should stay in line.

Though innovation is a wonderful thing, however, staying within limits will not kill the already killer idea.

Be Smart

Create a logo that is an eye-pleaser, a treat to watch. At the very first glance, your logo should say a lot of things like the brand’s identity, and the brand’s story.

It should be captivating enough that when a viewer sets his eye on the logo it stops for a while before the viewer looks at anything else.

Logo Designer Dubai can make really innovative and alluring logos by avoiding the mistakes that kill a logo.


How does logo design affect your image?

You know the logo is the 1st impression to describe your business values, and it impacts the best impression to the customers.

What makes a logo design successful?

A good logo design is simple, practical, appropriable, timeless having makes sense.

What is the 1st rule of logo design?

The 1st rule of the logo design can be any idea or story to convey the message to anyone, and you can simply share it with your audience.