Top 10 Stunning Wix Templates To Design A Free Website

Top 10 Stunning Wix Templates To Design A Free Website. In today’s world, having a cool website is really important. So, whether you’re starting a business, showing off your art, or just want to share your thoughts, having a website that looks awesome is key. Moreover, luckily, Wix makes it super easy to create a website for free, with lots of great designs to choose from.

Let’s check out Top 10 Stunning Wix Templates that can help you make a website that stands out:

Art Store Template

If you’re an artist and want to show your work, this design is perfect. It’s simple and makes your art look great. Moreover, the Art Store template on Wix is like a beautiful gallery for artists to show off their creations. It’s simple and classy, making artworks look really good. You can put paintings, photos, or anything artistic in it. Also, the template has easy ways for people to look around and see all the art. Plus, there are places for people to contact the artist or find them on social media. Overall, the Art Store template is a cool way for artists to share their work and connect with others who love art.

Fashion Blog Template

Love fashion? This design is like a magazine for your fashion ideas. It’s stylish and fun to use. The Fashion Blog template on Wix is like a cool magazine for fashion lovers. It’s made to show off fashion ideas in a fun way. With its trendy style and easy tools, the Fashion Blog template helps you share your favorite outfits and style tips with everyone. You can post pictures of what you wear, talk about fashion events, or give advice on putting together great looks.

Photography Portfolio Template

 If you take lots of photos, this design is awesome for showing them off. It makes your pictures look big and impressive. Also, the Photography template on Wix is like a fancy album for your photos. It’s made to make your pictures look amazing and catch people’s eyes. Moreover, with this template, you can show off your photos in a really cool way. Whether you’re a professional photographer or just love taking pictures, this template helps you make a great online portfolio.

Travel Agency Template 

Dreaming of travel? This design is like a ticket to adventure. It’s colorful and helps you share your travel stories. Moreover, the Travel Agency template on Wix is like a fun map for exploring new places. It’s made to help you feel excited about going on adventures. With this template, travel agencies can show you amazing places to visit and help you plan your dream vacations. Also, the template has bright colors and beautiful pictures that make you want to start packing your bags right away.

Food Blog Template

Are you a foodie? This design is like a delicious recipe book. It’s yummy and makes people hungry! The Food Blog template on Wix is like a yummy cookbook online. It’s made for people who love food and want to share recipes and stories. Also, with this template, you can show off delicious pictures of food that make your mouth water. However, you can find lots of recipes, from starters to desserts, and even watch cooking videos to learn new tricks.

Fitness Studio Template

Into fitness? This design is like having your own gym online. It’s motivating and helps people get active. The Fitness Blog template on Wix is like having a gym buddy online. It’s made to help you stay active and healthy. So, with this template, fitness fans can share workout tips, healthy recipes, and stories that inspire others. The template shows pictures of people exercising and having fun, encouraging you to join in. Also, you can find workouts for beginners and experts, and even take part in challenges.

Real Estate Template

Selling houses? This design is like having a fancy showroom. It’s classy and helps people find their dream home. The Real Estate template on Wix is like an online showroom for houses and offices. It’s made to help people find their perfect place to live or work. Also, with this template, real estate agents can show off listings in a nice way. The template has pretty pictures of homes, apartments, and business spaces that make you want to check them out.

Wedding Planner Template

 Planning a wedding? This design is like a fairy tale. It’s romantic and helps you plan your big day. The Wedding Planner template on Wix is like a helpful friend for couples getting married. It’s made to make planning your wedding easier and more fun. So, with this template, you can share your love story and all the important details about your wedding day. Moreover, it has beautiful designs and romantic touches that make your wedding feel special.

Musician Portfolio Template

 Love music? This design is like your own stage. It’s cool and lets people listen to your tunes. The Musician Portfolio template on Wix is like a stage for artists to showcase their talent. It’s designed to help musicians share their music with the world in a professional and engaging way. So, with this template, musicians can create a dynamic online presence that reflects their unique style and sound.

Ecommerce Store Template

Want to sell stuff? This design is like having your own shop. It’s easy to use and helps you sell your products. Moreover, the Ecommerce Store Template on Wix is like a digital storefront for entrepreneurs to showcase and sell their products online. Also, it’s designed to make setting up an online shop easy and intuitive. With this template, business owners can create a professional and visually appealing website that attracts customers and drives sales.


In short, Wix has lots of awesome designs for making your website look amazing. Whether you’re an artist, a blogger, or a business owner, there’s a design that’s just right for you. So why wait? Pick your favorite design, get creative, and make your website awesome with Wix!