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Do What Google Wants and Create a Responsive Website [2023 Update]

As we are a web designer company, and our main role is to settle down all the designing and loading issues of the website in terms of CSS, JavaScript issues.

Additionally, we have a digital marketing team working on the aspect that Google wants; SEO. Because few design factors are directly related to search engine optimization.

Dubai web design company for beginners and professionals works for both, and we will help you create your responsive website with the latest techniques that guarantee you rank prominently in Google and other search engines, such as Bing, Yandex.

As tablet and smartphone adaption increases rapidly in the modern era. So does the significance of mobile-friendly websites?

Whereas search engine optimization is one of the most important aspects of your digital marketing. Then having a mobile-friendly Dubai website design is turning out to be more essential than usual.

Google has long recommended that the best solution for any website to support a wide variety of screen, and device sizes are to create that site responsively.

A year ago, the world’s most famous search engines went a step further by executing a mobile-friendly label for websites, which were optimized for mobile devices.

Having a responsive Dubai web design has become more and more famous, taking its place as an industry standard, the obstacles to utilizing this method have begun to come down. Now, it is a lot easier to go responsive than it is now.

Create a Responsive Website Design That Follow SEO Rules

Again the question arises that’s does website design affects seo? Wow, It’s million dollar question you know! Just kidding, but fruitful website designing and seo responsive website are two main pillars to make successful any online business.

Through the help of a Dubai Web Design Company, you are able to receive the following advantages:

Ease of Use (User-Friendly)

Having a different mobile and desktop site needs a different SEO campaign. Taking over one site, and the other site campaign is a lot easier than handling two sites and having two SEO campaigns. Thus, this is the main perk a responsive website has over to a different mobile site.


The advantages of acquiring a single site that conforms to the requirements of all devices are essential. When it is compared to having two different sites. One site will cost you less than two, at the same time the savings could be significant.

Sites that are designed alone for mobile device traffic. Do not provide advanced navigational strategies, which are found on conventional websites.

In addition, they also need the user to keep two different web addresses for your site. Having a responsive design that improves your SEO efforts. All your visitors be directed to a single website whatever they prefer to use as their device.

Build A Responsive Website

Flexible For All Supported Devices

Responsive websites are very fluid, denoting that the content moves freely on all devices and all screen resolutions. Both the images and grids are fluid.

Do you know most of the design issues against this factor; cause the website does not properly flexible, which means to say in desktop mode it’s looking fine, but we open it on other mobile devices, and a few element’s gone outside the border of the website.

Moreover, check responsive websites online by going to this tool site and placing your website link, it gives you a list what are the weak points and where you need to improve them in terms of responsiveness.

Great User Experience

Content is one of the primary success metrics. As such, it is the experience of the user that allows visitors to spend content on any site. With the use of the device of their preference and choice anytime they want.

Therefore, the responsive design that is created by Dubai Web designers is all about presenting the best possible user experience. Irrespective if they are utilizing a smartphone, desktop computer, smart TV, or tablet.

Overall Conclusion

In short, responsive web design was able to accommodate busy experts throughout the day. As well as the wide-awake students requiring access to your site any time of the day. There is no need for resizing and scrolling for visitors to access your site from their preferred device.

With Dubai Web Design, we are able to offer you a mobile-friendly website. In order to meet the needs of the customers you have. In this way, you have the power to retain and gain new customers very effectively.


Is it good to have a responsive website?

Well, you know, nowadays, it’s a ranking factor according to google latest updates. So, we can never ignore that factor. We always try to make our website responsive for all devices.

Does Google penalize non responsive websites?

If the design of your website is very old and does not properly load on the devices, then you know that’s type of site not getting ranking. Due to that reason, you have lost 10 to 30% of traffic and conversion rate.

But in very rare cases, google penalized such types of websites. However, you can follow the designing & SEO key factors for improving your website and be safe from any penalization from google.